Dilan Rodriguez

Would You Like a Bag?

Process Book

Abstract: Would You Like a Bag? is a social campaign that encourages consumers in the State of New York to switch from single-use to reusable shopping bags. An 8 x 4 foot infographic, four 17 x 22 inch promotional posters, Instagram account, and website will illustrate these problems and propose solutions using statistics, facts, and illustrations. These will be posted on an Instagram account and will show posts once a week from the creation of the platform to the end of the semester until the exhibition. These posts will educate my target audience (people between 18 and 29 years old living in New York State), on how to reduce plastic bag pollution.

These deliverables will focus on creating an impact on the point of view of the selected audience to show why it is important to stop using plastic bags. The infographic would show information about plastic bag pollution. The four posters will contain the life cycle of plastic bags in four stages including: the birth of plastic bags; the use of a single-use plastic bag; an illustration of a polluted ocean filled with plastic bags; and three events in the life cycle of a plastic bag.

The website will be responsive and be formatted for access through phones, tablets, and laptops. The website will organize the information from the infographic and the posters into three pages: a landing page; information from the infographic; and the timeline of a single-use plastic bag. The social media platform that I will use is Instagram. These social platforms will help give viewers access to more knowledge about this social campaign. These platforms will show facts, images, statistics of how single-use plastic bag pollution is destroying our animals and environment.

Dilan's website portfolio: thrudilan.com